Sunday, 1 January 2012

Virtual Worlds

MigoLand  Look for new games at the bottom :)

Migoland is a virtual worlds for kids aged 9+, where you can make a virtual character and dress them up with cute and beautiful accessories! You can choose a castle house, or a country house, add furniture, and expand them, or buy a pirate ship house, and lots more stuff! You can buy a chef hat and work at the diner or The Tasty Towers, and serve friends and other people from around the world. You can order a hamburger, cake, spaghetti, or pie. They're all free. You can also work as a nurse or a doctor at the MigoLand hospital in MigoPolis. You can also get sick. You can choose stinky, bald, vampire, or green skin. MigoLand is an awesome virtual world for everyone!


Poptropica is a cool worlds where you have to go to islands and solve mysteries. Poptropica has millions of Poptropicans playing. You cant see others unless you go into public rooms. Poptropica also teaches kids about the past, and lots more! Think its boring? Nope. Its fun learning!

PetPet Park

PetPet Park is a virtual world where you can create a cool specie of a pet, colour it, and you can make your home. You can plant in your garden, do tasks, and fun places! In Haloween, there was this place where you get candy so it was kinda like Trick Or Treating!


Stardoll is a virtual world for girls where you create your cool doll, put up facts about you, make your own movie, design clothes, and make your album! You can play games and dressup games, go to the mall and shop, write in peoples guestbooks, enter for a covergirl, rate peoples albums, win the album contest, make your own party, make a scenery, and more!

Ameba Pico

Ameba Pico is a virtual world for 13 and up, where you can make a Pico character, dress it up with cute and fancy clothes, swim, buy awesome actions, meet celebrities, make your own home, make friends, and more!


Wizard101 ia a downloadable virtual 3D world for kids and teens, where you make your own Wizard girl or boy, get a school: Fire, Math, Death, Life, Ice, Myth, or Lightning. You go on fun tasks and battle monsters that are trying to take over Wizard City and also, take over the Spiral! HOPE YOU SAVE THE WORLD!


Toontown is a downloadable virtual world for kids and teens, make a Toon, Mouse, Cat, Bunny, Dog, Bear, Horse, and a duck, choose its size, and its colour,  and explore a huge world of Toontown! But, trouble is coming. Evil robots called cogs are trying to take over Toontown and end all the Toons fun! Go on fun tasks, get a huge house and a huge backyard, buy a pet doodle and name it, and make friends! Are YOU Toon Enough?


SmallWorlds is a virtual world for teens 13+, where you can get a FREE cat and dog, hang out, get a computer buddy that talks to you in your house and does things in your house, get furniture, customize your character, go on tasks, and more!


MoshiMonsters is a virtual world for kids where you can create your own monster, make its profile, play games, care for it, buy it furniture, make friends, pot messages on their bulleting board, buy clothes, see what your friends are up too, recieve gifts, and give gifts, and much more!


Build-A-Bearville is a virtual world for kids created by Build-a-bear Workshop! Its free, but if you want to do more, you have to buy an animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop and buy a birth certificate. Enter the ID on the card and something else, and your animal comes  to life and goes in your backpack! You get a huge house which you can decorate, you can put your bear to sleep, feed it, bathe it, and play with it! Theres a book where you read, and at the end you answer questions, and you get a prize!


Webkinz is a virtual world for kids and teens where you buy a Webkinz plushie, go to the adoption center, enter the secret code, and your pet comes to life again! You can make friends, get a huge house, buy clothes, buy furniture, play games against others or just by yourself, and lots more!


KidzBop is a site like FaceBook but for kids, where you can post a picture of yourself, make friends, chat, add more photos, write, play games, make a series of videos, and all sorts of fun stuff!


SecondLife is a virtual world for 13+, where you can fly, and do mostly anything!


MyePets3D is a world where you buy an epet toy, enter the code, and your pet comes to life! You have fun quests and battle cool monsters! Theres fun stuff to explore! If your lost and your up high, you can see the town so your not lost! Also, theres a tutorial you can do before you join.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a virtual world for kids where you can make a cool animal, and explore a cool 3D world of Jamaa! By: National Geographic. They can also learn about animals in the real world, watch videos in the theatre, go to amazing parties, and more! I recommend this its my fave!

Free Realms

Free Realms is a very awesome virtual world for everyone, where you can make your 3D character, do anything that you want to do, buy a pet, fish, race, talk with friends, do awesome tasks, explore a worlds with no doors, hardly any loading, and have some fun that'll never end! (My favourite game. You should try it!)


Blogger isn't a game, but its for 13+ where you can own your very own blog! Have fun writing in it, watch your 0 followers go up up up, add writers so they can write too, but on cool gadgets for your blog, and customize it! Have fun!


MovieStarPlanet is a very very awesome game where you make your character, create movies, artbooks, and you get to become rich and famous! You get to play fun games, chat with friends, watch videos there on youtube, comment on movies, artbooks, and youtube movies. I tried it out, and I can't stop playing it! You should really try this one its my favourite game!


ChitChatCity has NO MEMBERSHIP and you can create anything you want! You can buy a house lot and start building your house. After that, you can build your very own furniture! Its super easy to get credits (money) in this game! You can make your own shop, and then after, advertise it with your own shop turtle! You can set up the price, and people will buy your stuff. And if they do, you earn money! I LOVE THIS GAME IM HOOKED UP ON IT! Try it its super free. You can buy all sorts of stuff and some are even FREE!! At first you might not like it because your white and your name is New Player, but click on yourself to change your name, then go to the Avatar shop onn your left and get a free avi. Some are on the second floor.


Sparkcityworld is a free virtual world for girls where they can create their avatar, have pets, decorate their apartment, play games at the arcade and more! They can also go on a catwalk with people rating them and taking pictures, go on quests and unlock things for your character, and MORE!